Into the Wild – Marloth Park

Go wild

at Marloth Park

As a protected wildlife sanctuary that borders Kruger National Park, Marloth Park provides a wonderful combination of homeliness and adventure. Since the dangerous game like lion, rhino and buffalo is confined to Lionspruit (a smaller game reserve within Marloth Park), you can walk freely around Marloth. This gives an amazing feeling of being in the bush yet being in safety. All of Marloth Park is guarded by a 24/7 security company.

There are people who live in Marloth Park all year round, mainly retired South Africans, but most of the houses are vacation homes of South Africans as well as Europeans like us. All houses are built differently, and many are so hidden in the bush that they are difficult to spot from the road. Fences are not allowed around the gardens, in order to allow game to wander freely all over Marloth Park.

We have often experienced having to wait for giraffes or zebras to pass before we could continue to drive along the local roads.

The only fence worth mentioning is the one which separates Marloth Park from Kruger National Park. It runs along the property of Home of the Wild and offers an exceptional 7km long hiking trail where you feel like you are hiking inside Kruger without the danger. We have often had a planned 15 minute stroll turn into several hours of wildlife spotting and watching…. Bring your camera and binoculars with you whenever you leave the house!

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