Stay with us – Owner’s Message

Sharing our love

for the bush and wildlife


We fell in love with sub-Saharan Africa many years ago. It was impossible not to. Once you’ve experienced the wide plains, the colours, the bush and the wildlife, there’s no way back. It pulls you like a magnet. So we took trips whenever time and our wallet allowed, later on with our children who have quickly become junior game rangers.

Over time, we have also gotten to know and appreciate the richness of the South African people and culture. Their diversity is amazing and their friendliness unequalled.

The idea of buying a property in South Africa matured over the past few years as we came to realize how much we wanted to find a way to combine personal enjoyment with giving back to this wonderful country.

Home of the Wild is the result. A safe and homely place in the wilderness. The contrast between the fierceness of the wildlife and the secure home environment guarantees an absolutely unique experience.

But, living over 8000 km away, we cannot enjoy Home of the Wild as much as we would like to. By opening up the house to other comfort-seeking adventurers, we hope to pass on our love for this location and, in the process, help support the local community.

Anja & Paul

Switzerland, Spring 2015

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